What We Do


Environmental & Corporate Campaign Experts

We are experts in the successful creation and implementation of environmental and corporate campaigns. We design, coordinate, and manage the funding process, as well as consult on how campaigns are conducted.

We are the “Switzerland” of NGOs in that we do not seek to build or promote our own brand through these campaigns. As a result, NGOs know that we are dedicated to a process that respects their brand identity and seeks to build their capacity through our relationship with funders.

Campaign Strategy Development

The most common service we provide foundations is an in-depth strategic campaign analysis. This typically entails research and interviews to gain an understanding of the issue, an assessment of previous or current efforts to address it, the key NGO players and how they are aligned (or not), and the key opposition and their strategy.

We then assess the various strategic options, their likely costs and probability of success. We suggest tactics that will be most effective, and investigate the extent to which various organizations would like to be engaged but aren’t, or would like to be engaged more. Additionally, we can propose a likely budget for the campaign and process for its initiation.

Campaign Coordination

One of the characteristics of highly successful campaigns is the extent to which they are well-coordinated. Our team is comprised of experienced campaign directors with strong organizational and facilitative skills. It has coordinated several of the largest environmental campaigns in recent years, including the Mitsubishi International Boycott, The Coastal Rainforest Coalition (Great Bear Rainforest Campaign), the Big Box Collaborative (Walmart Campaign), North American Tar Sands Campaign, and Moving Beyond Oil Campaign.

Grants Management for Campaigns

CorpEthics has typically been contracted to be the donor advisor for one or more foundations who have deposited their funds into the Tides or New Venture Fund. Our responsibility is to recruit groups into the campaign, determine their role and necessary funding level, solicit and review their grant proposals, obtain final approval from the original granting foundations if required, and coordinate with the re-granting fund.

We then supervise the performance of these groups in the course of coordinating the campaign, review their final grant reports, and report campaign results to the original granting foundations. Of course, we provide regular coordination meetings with the original funders to make sure they are fully apprised of campaign progress and challenges.

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