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ReThink Alberta

The Re-Think Alberta Campaign that CEI is leading is an effort to inform tourists, business leaders, and others that Alberta is not what it pretends to be. It sells itself as the home to Banff and Lake Louise while it destroys a forest and eco-system the size of England to extract the most polluting and toxic oil on earth. Worse, it is the fastest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada, which threatens the very forests and glaciers that have made Alberta special.

The Re-Think Alberta Campaign will use billboards in major US cities. It will also target those cities and the UK with on-line banner and flash ads for major tourist sites, Google Adwords, mailings to professional organizations that might hold conferences in Alberta, as well as mailings to US and UK tourist agencies. Our goal is to wake up the tourism industry in Alberta to the fact that tar sands are a threat to theirs and our future-both an environmental and a reputational threat.

New war breaks out over Canadian oilsands
by Bill MannMarketWatch
A new war has broken out over oil — Canadian oil, that is. Even though Middle Eastern “conflict oil” is central to a new media carpet-bombing campaign being waged.
Some Thoughts on Tourism Boycotts
by Michael MarxCorporate Ethics International

to help stop the dirtiest oil on earth

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