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Recent TSC Articles

Many people are concerned with what is happening in Alberta, Canada. They are variously concerned about their health, the health of their environment, the monies spent on extraction of a resource to feed the unchecked power needs of the United States, and the global effects of the inefficient mining process currently in use.

The Tar Sands Campaign is determined to educate the wider public about the true costs of the tar sands operations, and about those responsible for these operations.  To that end, many articles and reports that cover aspects of the tar sands operations will be gathered here for easy access.

Proceed with caution when betting against environmentalists
by Martin MittelstaedtGlobe and Mail
Oil sands investors, it turns out, should have listened to environmentalists after all. Placing a bet on the oil sands, once thought of as a sure path to riches, is looking like an over-hyped investment theme in the process of confronting a less glamorous reality. Stocks in companies involved in the industry have been taking on water, but they’re not yet cheap enough to make compelling buys.
BREAKING: Sustained Hunger Strike Launched with Blockade at Valero’s Houston Refinery
UPDATE: 4:00 PM – Diane and Bob Refuse Their First Meal in Jail – The Hunger Strike Has Begun Blockading the dirty fuel and chemicals entering the Manchester community was just the opening salvo of Bob and Diane’s action. Today the two lifelong friends begin a sustained hunger strike to demand that Valero, which has made the largest commitment to tar sands from Keystone XL, divest entirely from this dangerous project and invest that money into the health and well-being of the people of Manchester. Hunger strikers will begin their protest in theHarris County Jail.
First Nation and Metis groups denied effective access to justice
November 26, 2012 Fort McMurray, AB – Today the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN) received a decision from the Alberta Court of appeal dismissing their application for leave to appeal a decision of the Joint Review Panel to not review the adequacy of Crown consultation before deciding whether to approve Shell’s Jackpine Mine expansion project. The First Nation is extremely disappointed and is currently reviewing their options to address the lack of adequate consultation with respect to Shell’s tar sands project.
Statement by the President on the Keystone XL Pipeline
The White House
Statement by the President on the Keystone XL Pipeline Earlier today, I received the Secretary of State’s recommendation on the pending application for the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. As the State Department made clear last month, the rushed and arbitrary deadline insisted on by Congressional Republicans prevented a full assessment of the pipeline’s impact, especially the health and safety of the American people, as well as our environment. As a result, the Secretary of State has recommended that the application be denied. And after reviewing the State Department’s report, I agree.
Tar sands have trouble ‘getting to market’ – new report
by Lorne StockmanOilchange International
Our latest report, Getting to Market: Emerging Investor Risks in the Tar Sands highlights the latest challenge facing the tar sands industry and warns investors to look more critically at industry’s ambitious claims. Download the full report Tar sands extraction projects are moving forward with increasing pace. The industry ambition is to grow production from today’s level an extraordinary 140 percent by 2025. Environmental impacts are a concern, particularly greenhouse gas emissions and water. Spills from existing pipelines have put pipeline route communities on high alert. The over 1 million gallons spilt into the Kalamazoo River in Michigan in July 2010 is still
'Secret' Environment Canada Presentation Warns of Oilsands' Impact on Habitat
by Mike DeSouza, postmediaCommon Dreams
Contamination of a major western Canadian river basin from oilsands operations is a "high-profile concern" for downstream communities and wildlife, says a newly-released "secret" presentation prepared last spring by Environment Canada that highlighted numerous warnings about the industry's growing footprint on land, air, water and the climate. Contamination of a major western Canadian river basin from oilsands operations is a "high-profile concern" for downstream communities and wildlife, says a newly-released "secret" presentation prepared last spring by Environment Canada that highlighted numerous warnings about the industry's growing footprint on land, air, water and the climate. The warnings from the department contrast with recent claims made by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Environment Minister Peter Kent that the industry is being unfairly targeted by environmentalists who exaggerate its impacts on nature and people.
GOP's XL pipeline project will increase gas prices and oil profits not much else
by Leo Kapakosexaminer.com
On NBC's Meet the Press, House Speaker John Boehner rejected the plan agreed to by the Senate and the White House to extend the payroll tax cut and the delivery of unemployment benefits by two months giving the President more time to review the Keystone XL pipeline project. Boehner's decision to let Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) negotiate a deal with the Democrats apparently backfired on him. The deal infuriated House Republicans who vowed to oppose the two-month extension, citing tax uncertainty and resistance to the idea of another protracted tax fight at the end of February. Instead they are calling for a year-long extension, and Boehner is now going to bat for their demand.
In Internal Canadian Documents, a Warning on Oil Sands
by Ian AustinNYT
Internal government documents show that Canada’s scientific and environmental bureaucracy does not share the Conservative government’s view that oil sands projects in Alberta have relatively little negative impact on the environment. Postmedia News, a publisher that owns several major Canadian newspapers including The National Post in Toronto, obtained the previously confidential material through Canada’s access-to-information laws.
Keystone XL and Jobs: Just More Pipe Dreams
by Robert RedfordOneEarth
This week the GOP leadership, once again, has sided with Big Oil against the will of the American people. They are trying to circumvent President Obama's decision to further investigate the impacts of the controversial Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. GOP leadership is instead advocating for granting the permit now, or else they will hold up important legislation meant to benefit real people's real lives.
Big Oil’s Pipeline Stunt Will Backfire (Updated)
by Jeremy SymonsNWF
12/22 Update: Press reports indicate this afternoon that the House GOP will blink on the payroll tax bill and sign off on the version passed by a bi-partisan margin in the Senate. Of course, we have heard this before, so no telling for sure what will happen until it is on the president’s desk. The bill heading to the president will likely include the rider that rushes the decision on the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. So what does this mean for the pipeline? Speaker Boehner is trying to satisfy Big Oil’s lobbyists and some of the GOP’s top corporate donors by forcing the president to make a hasty decision, but it will backfire. I am confident that President Obama will stand up to big oil and reject this dangerous and unnecessary pipeline because it is the right thing to do, and that the American public will support him. Americans understand that it is wrong to play political games and strip families of our right to protect our land and our clean water from foreign oil companies, because you can’t drink oil.
New report finds Alberta must strengthen emissions rules to meet climate commitments
by Simon DyerPembina
In the most comprehensive assessment of Alberta’s climate change policies to date, a new report by the Pembina Institute concludes that Alberta’s current approach will deliver less than one third of the greenhouse gas reductions the Government of Alberta has committed to, but strengthening current policies could enable the province to meet its climate targets. Responsible Action? An assessment of Alberta’s greenhouse gas policies provides a detailed evaluation of current regulations and financial incentives to reduce greenhouse gas pollution, and identifies key opportunities for the Government of Alberta to strengthen its approach to climate change.
Chiquita agrees to avoid fuel from Tar Sands refineries
Forest Ethics
US Market trend against Tar Sands continues Chiquita Brands International will work with ForestEthics to eliminate shipping of Chiquita bananas with fuel from refineries that use Canada’s controversial Tar Sands. Chiquita joins a market trend against Tar Sands that now includes 15 publicly confirmed actions by major US companies. “Canada’s Tar Sands is all risk and no benefit for leading American brands like Chiquita that are resolved to reduce environmental problems, so they are working hard to get Tar Sands out of their transportation footprint,” said Aaron Sanger of ForestEthics.
Help stop Keystone XL pipeline's long path of destruction
Under the Keystone XL plan, pristine boreal forests in Canada will be clearcut and stripmined for tar sand. That tar sand will be melted into oil, causing significant greenhouse gas emissions, then transported from Montana to the Gulf of Mexico, where most of it will be sold on international markets. Millions of endangered caribou, ducks and songbirds, and more than 70 American rivers and streams are at risk. The House of Representatives tacked a rider forcing the pipeline to be built to a bill preventing a tax hike on the middle class. Now it’s the Senate’s turn to act. They need to hear from you to take this arbitrary handout to the oil industry off the payroll tax bill. Tell the Senate to leave the Keystone XL on the cutting room floor.
No 'credible information' to support claims oilsands are green, says Environment Canada
by Mike DeSouzaCanada.com
Canada lacks "credible scientific information" to support its claims that oilsands development is environmentally responsible, putting the industry's economic future in jeopardy, says newly-released briefing material prepared for Environment Minister Peter Kent and senior management in his department.
GOP Keystone Corruption, by the numbers
by Bill McKibbenFollow for DK GreenRootsDailyKos
Right at the moment, Republicans in the House and Senate are doing their level best to ensure a speedy approval of the Keystone Pipeline by attaching it to the payroll tax cut. Their claim is that it's a jobs bill, even though their numbers are entirely bogus.
Experts Say Lawsuits Likely if TransCanada Moves to Build Part of Keystone XL
by Lisa Song, InsideClimate NewsInside Climate
In the weeks since the Obama administration decided to delay its decision on the Keystone XL oil pipeline, TransCanada has said repeatedly that it could build the southern segment of the project without waiting for State Department approval.
Pipeline and Tanker Trouble: The Impact to British Columbia’s Communities, Rivers, and Pacific Coastline from Tar Sands Oil Transport
The Canadian government is considering a proposal to build a pipeline under mountains and across rivers that could carry more than half a million barrels of raw tar sands crude oil (known as bitumen) daily across important salmon rivers, coastal rainforests, and sensitive marine waters. The Northern Gateway pipeline, proposed by energy company Enbridge, would stretch over 1,000 kilometers to connect the tar sands of Alberta with the Pacific coast of British Columbia.
TransCanada pours cold water on rivals’ plans to ship to Asia
by nathan vanderklippe AND shawn mccarthy Globe and Mail
As TransCanada Corp. (TRP-T40.79-0.19-0.46%) grows more optimistic about the prospects for its Keystone XL pipeline, the company is casting doubts on plans by its competitors to ship oil to Canada’s West Coast for export to Asia. TransCanada has been “taking a pretty hard look” at ways to send Canadian crude to one of the country’s coasts, where it could be loaded onto tankers and shipped to offshore markets, Alex Pourbaix, the company’s president of energy and oil pipelines, said Wednesday.
Energy industry set to cut funding for oil sands environmental watchdog
by Nathan Vanderklippe Globe and Mail
The oil sands industry is embroiled in a dispute over its plans to trim funding to an environmental advisory and monitoring group, at a time when companies are moving aggressively to persuade the public they care about being green. For more than a decade, the Cumulative Environmental Management Association, or CEMA, has funded research to draft recommendations on improving the impact of the oil sands on air, land, water and biodiversity. It draws the bulk of its funding from industry, which has funnelled its dollars through the Oil Sands Developers Group.
Oilsands water monitor awaits orders. Federal-provincial environment plan yet to emerge
by Dan Healing, Calgary HeraldCH
While federal and provincial politicians ponder how to go about fixing Alberta’s oilsands monitoring system, it’s business as usual at the organization at the centre of the debate. RAMP — the Regional Aquatics Monitoring Program — has made ongoing adjustments to the work it does but has not implemented major changes in the wake of highly critical reviews of its effectiveness, says a member of its communications committee.
New Keystone XL documents raise fresh concerns about State Department
SUBJ: New KXL FOIA docs raise more concerns about State Department collusion with TransCanada as well as potential cover-up; docs have important implications for new environmental review announced by Obama administration Despite conclusive evidence (see http://foe.org/keystone-xl-pipeline-influence-scandal) that the State Department has overseen a corrupt Keystone XL tar sands pipeline review process, the Obama administration indicated last Thursday (November 10) that the department will remain in charge of the new environmental review of the proposed pipeline.
Keystone delayed: prepare for the industry backlash
by Lorne StockmanOilChange
With Keystone XL delayed and almost certainly dead in its current form, the industry is a little upset. What we can expect to see over the next days and weeks and on into the election season is a relentless barrage of misinformation and outright attacks on the green movement, the President and anybody who shares the aspiration to change the wasteful and polluting energy status quo. The National Petrochemical and Refiners Association, that unquestionably objective source of information and analysis on all things oil, has already weighed in with an arrogant and facile statement. The American Petroleum Institute will not be far behind.
Keystone pipeline: State Department agrees to investigate charges
by Suzanne Goldenberg,guardianUK
The State Department has agreed to an independent investigation of its handling of the Keystone XL pipeline, after charges of influence peddling and conflict of interest from environmental groups and members of Congress. In a memo, the State Department inspector general's office appointed a senior official to review charges that the oil industry exerted too much weight over decisions about the pipeline project.
Approval Won't Put Keystone XL in the Rear View Mirror
by Guest Blog by Kenny Bruno, Corporate Ethics InternationalNRDC
Today, a groundbreaking opinion piece was published in The Hill. Titled “Tar sands pipeline will comfort our enemies,” it is a scathing indictment of the Keystone XL pipeline’s geopolitical impact by someone who knows. Retired Brigadier General Steven Anderson served as the Chief Logistician in Iraq and Afghanistan, and has seen first hand how oil dependence leads directly to the death of American soldiers.
China, and Two More Ethical Challenges to Oil Sands
by Andrew NikiforukTyee
In two previous articles, I detailed seven of 10 ethical challenges Canada faces given the way it is exploiting the oil sands. Find those here and here. I wrap up here with the final three. Ethical Challenge Eight: The Enbridge/Chinese Gamble
Public Comments on Keystone Pipeline Have Disappeared into a Procedural Black Hole
by Lisa SongInside Climate News
State Dept. hearing on Sept. 29 in Atkinson, Neb., on TransCanada's proposed Keystone XL project. Credit: Lisa Song Five weeks ago, Cindy Myers stood in a high school gymnasium before a crowd of 1,000 and said, "These words could be some of the most important of my life." Myers was speaking at the Keystone XL oil pipeline hearing in Atkinson, Neb., but her statement could have applied to any of the thousands of people who attended hearings in five other states. Many took a day off work to get in line early; others drove for hours to reach the meetings or spent weeks polishing their testimony. They spoke with passion about jobs and energy security, their fears of water contamination and the risk of an oil spill.
Keystone XL Pipeline: All pain, no gain
by Hayden Brown and Shravya ReddyClimateRealityProject
This weekend, thousands of people will gather outside the White House to demand that President Obama stop the Keystone XL pipeline, a project that would have a devastating impact on our global climate. If approved, this pipeline would bring dirty oil sludge (or “tar sands”) from Alberta, Canada to refineries in the U.S. gulf coast for almost fifty years. Here are some numbers that will give you a sense of what tar sands and the Keystone XL pipeline mean for climate change:
Meet the Tar Sands PR Wizard
by Martha van Gelder Mother Jones
This summer, as environmental groups converged on Washington, DC, to protest the Keystone XL oil pipeline, a Canadian "grassroots" nonprofit by the name of Ethical Oil went on the counteroffensive. The group's YouTube videos and TV ads all carried the same blunt message: You can buy oil from Saudi Arabia and bankroll terrorism, the oppression of women, and fanatical Islam, or you can buy oil from Canada, your friendly, democratic neighbors to the north.
Facing 'dirty' label, oil patch looks to partners
by Nathan Vanderklippe Oct16Globe and Mail
Canada’s energy industry is hoping the European corporate heavyweights in Fort McMurray, Alta., will help to derail a new fuel standard they say discriminates against oil sands crude. Some time in the next few weeks, European nations will consider a fuel quality directive that seeks to reduce the greenhouse gas intensity of transportation fuels. The draft directive, assembled by the European Commission, includes language setting oil sands-derived crude in a distinct and separate category from other oil. It assigns the oil sands oil a substantially higher greenhouse gas intensity: 107 grams of carbon dioxide per megajoule of energy produced. Most other crudes are lumped into a basket and assigned a value of 87.5.
Europe Labels the Tar Sands “Dirty”
by Andy RowellOilChange
Earlier this year I worked with Friends of the Earth on a report that exposed the extent of Canadian lobbying on the Fuel Quality Directive (FQD), a landmark piece of legislation by the EU which hopes to reduce CO2 emissions from transport fuels. We detailed how there had been a huge number of lobbying events – over 110 – organised by the Canadians on tar sands and the FQD since September 2009 until now.
‘Oil Orgy’ Interrupts UK-Canada Oil Sands Talks
Opposition to the expansion of the Athabasca Oil Sands in Canada, reaching a fever pitch on Turtle Island as President Obama mulls approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, has moved to the bedroom. Well, sort of. In this video two activists rip off their clothes to reveal maple-leaf and British-flag emblazoned skivvies and proceed to slather each other with oil, mirroring the alleged ecstasy of the oil barons.
Tomgram: Bill McKibben, Obama and the Corruption of Big Oil
by Bill McKibbenTomgram - Tom Dispatch
At the Occupy Wall Street campgrounds in lower Manhattan, you can find just about anything. Like the sign held by a Marine vet wearing a "Don't Tread on Me" t-shirt (with a "Ban Fracking Now" sticker on one sleeve) and military pants: "2nd time I've fought for my country, 1st time I've known my enemy." It could give you chills. And then there were the older women who cornered me on a visit to the encampment. They were noticeable in part because Zuccotti Park is largely a stakeout for the young and in part because they were insistently shoving a petition at me. It was a call to stop fracking -- the practice of injecting water and potentially dangerous chemicals into rock formations to release natural gas, which can poison local drinking water. (I signed.)
Los Angeles Times: Proposed Keystone XL oil project draws a divisive line
by Kim Murphy, Los Angeles Timestcktcktck / LA Times
Some might have been surprised to hear that plans to build a 1,700-mile oil pipeline through the Midwest to the Gulf Coast — a source of new oil and thousands of jobs — would drive an emotional fault line down the middle of the conservative heartland. But any skepticism would have quickly evaporated here in the noisy bleachers of the West Holt High School gymnasium.
Oil sands environmental impact unknown: Canada audit
Key gaps in information mean Canada has been unable to assess the impact of exploiting Alberta's oil sands, the nation's environment commissioner said Tuesday. Lack of information due to "insufficient or inadequate environmental monitoring systems" mean the federal environmental and water agencies cannot build a clear picture of how regional ecosystems have been affected by oil sands projects, the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development said in a report to parliament.
Koch Industries stands to profit off Keystone XL
by Sarah Laskowgrist
Every step the Obama administration takes towards approving the Keystone XL pipeline means a step towards putting more money into the pockets of Koch Industries. Although the company has denied having an interest in the pipeline (it has "nothing to do with any of our businesses," company reps have told Rep. Henry Waxman's staff), Inside Climate News has uncovered documents proving that a Koch Industries subsidiary has a business interest in the approval of the pipeline.
Say No to the Keystone XL
Unless good sense intervenes, it looks increasingly likely that the State Department will approve the Keystone XL pipeline, which would carry a coarse, acidic crude oil from northern Alberta in Canada to refineries on the Gulf Coast of Texas. That would be a mistake.
Conservation Groups: Canada's Tar Sands Extraction Violates International Wildlife Treaties
conservation groups represented by Earthjustice and Ecojustice Canada, submitted a petition to Interior Secretary Salazar asking him to report to President Obama that Canada’s destructive tar sands extraction undermines international efforts to protect endangered and threatened species. The petition documents how tar sands mining and drilling in Alberta is harming at least 130 migratory bird species, including endangered whooping cranes, as well as threatened woodland caribou herds.
Pot Calls Kettle Black: Saudi Government Sues Over Canadian Ethical Oil Ads
Those clever shills for the tar sands industry, EthicalOil.org, have been running ads on the Oprah Winfrey Show and other networks that claim that by buying Saudi oil, "We've bankrolled a state that doesn't allow women to drive and that doesn't allow them to leave their homes or work without their male guardian's permission." (Brian enjoyed them here)
The Dene Nation has helped prepare an accord opposing the Keystone XL pipeline with First Nations, tribal leaders, and property owners in the United States and Canada. The accord was agreed to at a meeting on the Rosebud Sioux reservation in South Dakota last week, and is the latest in a serious of coordinated actions between different entities with diverse interests opposing the pipeline.
Tar-sands pipeline ‘safety conditions’ are smoke and mirrors
by Anthony Swift, National Resources Defense Council, 19 Aug 2011sqwalk
Proponents of the Keystone XL tar-sands pipeline are using a disingenuous argument to avoid further scrutiny of TransCanada’s proposed pipeline. They argue that the concerns of landowners, farmers, and first responders regarding the safety of Keystone XL are unreasonable because TransCanada has agreed to 57 conditions suggested by pipeline safety regulators that will make it safer than other pipelines.
Enbridge Gateway shipping agreements a mere handshake, not a binding commitment
by Nathan LemphersPembina
In business, it's generally considered unwise to launch a new product without clear market research showing a strong customer base and high demand. Moving ahead without confidence there's a market for your product would be a recipe for failure.
Four Arrested in Idaho Fighting Exxon and the Megaloads
In the early hours of this fine Friday morning, folks in Moscow sent a direct message to Exxon and all future shippers of oversize tar-sands related equipment that no road should accept the movement of equipment being used in the genocide of First Nations communities and environmental destruction in Northern Alberta. In light of Exxon’s recent shift to using alternative Idaho roads and trucking smaller pieces of equipment, the protest in Moscow is a significant one. The issue isn’t simply just the beauty and integrity of Highway 12, but the need for all peoples to stand in solidarity with each other as we face the increasing torrent of environmental destruction here and around the world.
Hansen Says Obama Will Be 'Greenwashing' About Climate Change if He Approves Keystone XL Pipeline
by Christa MarshallNYT
NASA scientist James Hansen, who galvanized the environmental movement decades ago with his congressional testimony about the dangers of climate change, said yesterday that President Obama has a rare opportunity to show he is not a "hopeless addict."
Dogwood Initiative reacts to Enbridge Northern Gateway shipper agreements
by Dogwood InitiativeDirtyoilSands
Eric Swanson, director of Dogwood Initiative’s No Tankers campaign, made the following statement in response to today’s announcement by Enbridge regarding shipper agreements for the Northern Gateway pipeline.
Canada's PR work for tar sands: dirty, crude and oily
by  Martin Lukacs guardian.uk
Another climate-related record will soon be broken, but it's not like those you've been hearing about: the heat waves, droughts and torrential floods setting calamitous precedents everywhere. For a change, mark down this next one as a sign of hope. It's that Washington will play host to the largest act of civil disobedience for the climate in US history.
Oil Spills Inspire Bipartisan Surprise on Federal Pipeline Safety Reforms
by Elizabeth McGowan, SolveClimate NewsSolve Climate
A series of headline-grabbing ruptures along the nation's 2.5 million-mile network of oil and gas pipelines is prompting a rare attempt at bipartisanship. Democrats and Republicans seem equally intent on significantly beefing up the pipeline safety standards that might have prevented some of these spills.
New war breaks out over Canadian oilsands
by Bill MannMarketWatch
A new war has broken out over oil — Canadian oil, that is. Even though Middle Eastern “conflict oil” is central to a new media carpet-bombing campaign being waged.
Jobs Claims For Keystone XL Don’t Stand Up To Scrutiny
by Ryan SalmonNAtional Wildlife Federation
Canadian oil giants are trading on Americans’ insecurity about the U.S. economy to sell us their risky Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Their job claims amount to little more than snake oil and won’t cure what ails our economy. Today, they got a hand from the American Petroleum Institute (API), which held a tele-press conference to defend TransCanada’s proposed pipeline in advance of the State Department’s release of a Final Environmental Impact Statement for the project, which is expected any day.
Pipeline Through Paradise
by By Bruce BarcottNational Geographic
The Queen of the North was the pride of the BC Ferries fleet—right up until the night she sank. On March 22, 2006, during a routine run from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy, the ferry exited the narrow 45-mile Grenville Channel just past midnight. Then something went wrong.
Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline
Americans Against BigOil Ripoffs
TransCanada plans to raise gas prices by building the Keystone XL pipeline. The company claims that the pipeline will create jobs and enhance energy security, but its real goal is to raise crude oil prices for Canadian producers of tar sands oil in Alberta.
Debate Intensifies Over Climate Change Aspects of Canada's Oil Sands Pipeline
July 25, 2011 As the State Department weighs approving an oil pipeline stretching from Canada to Texas, experts are divided on whether the Keystone XL project would worsen global warming.
Oil sands critics target a new concern – pipelines
by Nathan Vanderklippe Globe and Mail
The crude oil that is pulled from Canada’s oil sands is thick and heavy, a black tar-like substance that takes large amounts of energy and effort to make into end products like gasoline and diesel. Even some people in the Alberta energy industry describe it as “nasty” stuff.
U.S. Chamber Launches Effort To Support Bringing Dirty Tar Sands Oil Down South
by Daniel Kessler, Oakland, CATreeHugger
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has long served as a brake on progress when it comes to creating a new economy that is fueled by renewable energy. The secretive organization (it doesn't reveal its membership) has opposed climate and energy action at every turn, and now it has its sights on the Keystone XL pipeline, a controversial proposed 1700 mile-long pipeline that would carry bitumen from Canada's tar sands all the way to Texas.
Fake Followers and Twitter Astroturf: It's Sorta Social, Demented and Sad, But Social
by Celia AlarioHuffingtonPost
"It's sorta social, demented and sad, but social." I couldn't help but think of that great line from the brat pack classic The Breakfast Club when I read on Mother Jones and Rainforest Action Network's Understory blog about last Thursday's discovery that Big Oil has resorted to creating fake Twitter accounts in order to fabricate an illusion of 'grassroots' support for the controversial Keystone pipeline project. If approved by the Obama administration, Keystone XL would bring Canadian tar sands oil from Alberta down to the lower 48. Find out why this is a really bad idea here.
Lemon or Lamborghini? Investors require the full picture on oilsands liabilities
by Nathan Lemphers Pembina
Ever tried buying a car without an inspection? Or having only the engine examined but not the brakes? If so, you'd be playing a game of chance if the car had some rather expensive upcoming maintenance bills. Turns out for investors wanting to put their cash on the oilsands, it's currently not possible to have the full picture on oilsands liabilities.
Indigenous Peoples: Civil disobedience to halt dirty Tar Sands pipeline in US
by Article and photo by Brenda NorrellIEN
NEW TOWN, North Dakota --The resistance to the dirty Tar Sands announced plans for civil disobedience in Washington to send a message to the Obama Administration to halt a plan for use of the dirtiest oil on the planet, which threatens natural resources and humanity in North America, including Indian country.
Officials Acknowledge XL Tar Sands Pipeline Skipped on Safety
by  Tony IallonardoNWF
House and Senate Make Hopeful Progress Amidst Rash of Spills.Emerging from talks with Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird late this week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton indicated that the State Department is getting ready to approve the dirtiest, largest pipeline ever to be built in the U.S. The diplomatic-speak whereby Mr. Baird said he wanted a fast decision, while Mrs. Clinton said they had agreed to some safety enhancements seemed to signal the permit process is drawing to a close.
Tell President Obama: Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline
by Friends of the EarthCredo
"Essentially game over" for the climate. That's what climate scientist James Hanson calls the proposed Keystone XL pipeline -- which would carry oil out of Canada's vast tar sands oil fields to Texas, where it will be refined, then burned across the globe, dealing a catastrophic blow to our chance of returning earth to a stable climate.
The Keystone XL Pipeline: A Tar Sands Folly?
by  Bill ChameidesHuffingtonPost
Hillary Clinton is in the tar sands hot seat. Is she asking the right questions? The U.S. State Department is in the rare position of having to decide on an environmental issue. TransCanada wants to expand an existing pipeline to bring tar sand oil from Alberta, Canada, to Texas. Because it's an international project, the State Department must review and approve it, a process expected to be completed by year's end but that could be extended to complete a "thorough review process."
Silvertip and The Logic of “Next Time”
Northern Rockies Rising Tide
One week before the Silvertip Pipeline burst and then bled into the Yellowstone River, Brian Schweitzer met with representatives from ExxonMobil regarding the Kearl Module Transportation Project, or “megaload” shipments. Although we have no way of knowing the full content of their conversation, it is reasonable to assume that the discussion involved the details of the project, repeated assurances of its safety, and a feeble request by the Governor that the shipments be built in Montana rather than abroad.
Pembina reacts to outcome of energy ministers' meeting in Kananaskis
"While the ministers expressed interest in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from energy production, their decision to call Canada's oilsands a 'sustainable' source of energy for the world raises serious questions about that goal.
National Geographic spotlights proposed oilsands pipeline to B.C.
National Geographic magazine has again focused attention on Alberta’s oilsands, this time with an article on Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway project titled “Pipeline Through Paradise.” The magazine will hit newsstands this week, but the online version is available now. The article details the sinking of B.C. Ferries’ Queen of the North in 2006, and the oil still leaking from the submerged vessel, suggesting this is a taste of what is in store for the north coast of B.C.
Shining a light on Europe’s role in the Tar Sands
UK Tar Sands Network and friends have been in Brussels for the Canada-EU trade talks. The tar sands may be being extracted in Canada, but the debate over the industry’s future is raging in Europe this week. On Monday 11th July, the next round of Canada-EU trade negotiations (CETA) began. These secretive talks could be dangerous
Keystone XL pipeline would screw over farmers, threaten aquifer
by Carrie La Seurgrist
The other morning I took a call, like so many other calls I’ve taken over the last four years, from another Dakota farmer wondering how his land may be affected by the Keystone XL pipeline. He had a notice of condemnation and interrogatories from TransCanada in hand, and I wish I’d had better news for him.
Montana spill pipeline may have carried oil sands crude
by Laura ZuckermanReuters
An Exxon Mobil pipeline that ruptured, leaking oil into Yellowstone River, may have sometimes carried a heavier and more toxic form of crude than initially thought, federal regulators said on Thursday.
When oil goes out of fashion
by Merran Smiththestar.com
All Canadians — the energy sector, environmental groups, the faith community, labour organizations, heath advocates, finance and insurance sectors, aboriginal leaders and other Canadians — now have both an opportunity and obligation to come together to chart a new course for this country.
"Anonymous" Hackers Attack Monsanto, Tar Sands Oil Companies
by Brian Merchant, Brooklyn, New YorkTreeHugger
activist hacking group "Anonymous" has launched two new campaigns championing a pair of green causes -- helping U.S. farmers earn the right to label their food as "GMO-free" and working to obstruct the expansion of the devastating tar sands oil project in Alberta, Canada. Monsanto, the giant biotech firm, has confirmed it was the victim of a large-scale hacking attack. And the oil companies are next, Anonymous says.
Activists dance on Gov schweitzer's Table in Tar Sands Protest
As a culmination of the Earth First! Round River Rendezvous, climate activists occupied Montana Governor Shwitzer's office to demand that he revoke support for the Keystone XL Pipeline from the tar sands and the Megaload Shipments to the tar sands. Both cross Montana. 5 PEOPLE PUT THEIR BODIES AND FREEDOM ON THE LINE TO FIGHT FOR A LIVABLE FUTURE. PLEASE PUT SOME MONEY IN THEIR LEGAL FUND! http://ow.ly/5CRJz
Midlands Voices: Tar-sands oil can worsen impact of global warming
by John Atkeison and Bruce E. Johansen Omaha.com
The proposed TransCanada Keystone XL oil pipeline could spill some of its freight in our underground water supply. The Keystone I already has a record of 12 leaks in 12 months. The environmental cost of the pipeline and its contents would not stop there, however.
Scandals piling up in world of Canadian business
by Derek Abma, Postmedia Newscanada.com
But it certainly wasn't the first time in recent months and years that a Canadian company, individual or industry has been seen in a less-than-flattering light internationally.
Pipeline Climate Disaster: The Keystone XL Pipeline and Labor
by [by Jeremy Brecher and Brendan Smith]Labor Network for Sustainability
More than two million American construction workers — nearly one in five — are currently unemployed. Factories that produce building materials are operating at only half their capacity. So when a private company proposes a project that it claims will spur the creation of 118,000 new jobs, it is hardly surprising that unions representing construction, transportation, and related workers pricked up their ears.
The People v. the Pipeline: Time to Join In
by Wendell Berry, Bill McKibben, Danny Glover, Maude Barlow, Tom Goldtooth, James Hansen, Wes Jackson, Naomi Klein, George Poitras, David Suzuki, Gus SpethYES
Dear Friends, This will be a slightly longer letter than common for the internet age—it’s serious stuff. The short version is we want you to consider doing something hard: coming to Washington in the hottest and stickiest weeks of the summer and engaging in civil disobedience that will likely get you arrested. The full version goes like this: As you know, the planet is steadily warming: 2010 was the warmest year on record, and we’ve seen the resulting chaos in almost every corner of the earth.
National Energy Board: Captured Regulator?
by Andrew NikiforukTyee
The Economist magazine once described "regulatory capture" as a simple case of a gamekeeper behaving like a poacher.
First nations speak for themselves on pipelines
by Chief Larry Nooski, Nadleh Whut'En; Chief Fred Sam, Nak'Azdli; Chief Dolly Abraham, Takla Lake; Chief Karen Ogen, Wet'suwet'En; Chief Jackie Thomas and Saik'uz, Vancouver Sun Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/First+nations+speak+themselves+pipelines/4936174/story.html#ixzz1PDIpIpTEVancouver Sun
Peter Foster's suggestion ("Opposing big business is big business" May 31) that members of the Yinka Dene Alliance have been manipulated into rejecting the proposed Enbridge pipeline by the "green movement," reveals a deep misunderstanding of the laws, culture, history and strength of the Carrier people.
Canada's crude politics on oil sands
by Martin LukacsGuardianUK
A certain powerful North American country has been brazenly meddling in Europe's affairs, bullying and twisting arms to advance a corporate agenda on the most pressing environmental issue of our time. A phalanx of its lobbyists has descended on European capitals to covertly scheme with oil companies and menace EU parliamentarians who would dare address climate change.
US DOT Order Shuts Down Keystone Tar Sands Pipeline for Corrective Action
by Tony IallonardoNWF
As the State Department likely wraps up a comment period on the second round of environmental review for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline on Monday, the US Department of Transportation today issued a first-ever “Corrective Action Order” for the leak-prone one year old Keystone pipeline. The order requires TransCanada to meet 14 conditions before the pipeline can restart and raises serious doubts about TransCanada’s ability to build safe tar sands pipelines.
Tar Sands Oil Extraction - The Dirty Truth
Environmental devastation of the land, water, and air - the largest industrial energy project in the world is extracting crude oil from bitumen found beneath the pristine boreal forest of Alberta, Canada. Effecting a land mass equivalent in size to Florida or England, Both industry and government are putting money before the health and security of its people and the environment.
Oil Sands Project in Canada Will Go On if Pipeline Is Blocked
One way or another — by rail or ship or a network of pipelines — Canada will export oil from its vast northern oil sands projects to the United States and other markets.
Anti-oil sands laws in US and EU face new attacks
by Geoff DembickiTyee
Two clean energy laws targeting Alberta’s oil sands – one in the United States, one in Europe – are facing new threats to their existence. If both are overturned, fear environmental observers, it could represent a major step backwards for developed world efforts to fight global warming.
Regulatory fight in a Canadian oil-sands box
by Bill MannMarket Watch
A big battle is shaping up over environmental regulation of Canada’s oil sands, the second-largest oil deposits in the world. And, surprisingly, it’s Conservatives against Conservatives. In this corner, it’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s federal Conservatives, who just gained a majority government. In that corner, it’s Alberta’s conservative provincial government, led by hard-nosed, oil-industry friendly premier Ed Stelmach.
ExxonMobil Shareholders Ask for Disclosure on Tar Sands Investments
by GinaMarie Cheesemantriplepundit
Green Century Capital Management filed a shareholder resolution with ExxonMobil to disclose information about its investments in Canadian oil sands (commonly called tar sands). Canada’s tar sands are the second largest oil resource in the world, with over 173 billion barrels in reserve. By the end of last year, ExxonMobil’s “total proved reserves in the oil sands were over 2.78 billion barrels-just over 11 percent of the company’s total proved reserves,” according to a press release by Green Century.
Michigan's Rep. Upton Emerges as a Champion of Oil Sands Pipeline
by Elizabeth McGowan SolveClimateReuters
Environmentalists understand why so many House Republicans are gung-ho about upping imports of oil mined from the tar sands of Western Canada. What puzzles them is why Michigan Rep. Fred Upton has emerged as one of the cause's lead GOP cheerleaders.
Demanding Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail — Now
The Canadian company TransCanada is hoping to win State Department approval of construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which would carry “oil sands” oil to the Gulf Coast for refining. To this end, it has spent $310,000 this year lobbying in Washington for the cause.
TIPPING MAN 6: The Sixth International Anti-Corporate Film Festival
Anti-Corporate Film Fest
Directed by David Lavallee. Screening Saturday, May 21, at 9:00pm. Post-screening Q&A with Michael Marx of Corporate Ethics International, which describes the issue as "the most destructive energy project on earth" and "the poster child for why the U.S. needs to end its addiction to oil". Buy Tickets
Keystone XL Suit: Environmental Groups Target Hillary Clinton Over Oil Pipeline Documents
by Tom ZellerHuffPost
A coalition of environmental and ethics groups sued Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the U.S. State Department on Wednesday over documents relating to a contentious oil pipeline that would link Canada's oil sands to oil refineries in the southern United States.
Dirty Business[PDF]
How TransCanada Pipelines bullies farmers, manipulates oil markets, threatens fresh water and skimps on safety in the United States.
Alberta pipeline leak largest since 1975
A major pipeline oil leak is the largest in Alberta since 1975, the province’s energy regulator says. About 28,000 barrels poured out of the Plains Midstream Canada Rainbow pipeline 100 kilometres northeast of Peace River, the Energy Resources Conservation Board said Tuesday, four days after the spill occurred. The spill raises new questions about the health of Alberta’s aging pipeline system.
ITD Moves Goalposts to Wherever ExxonMobil Happens to Kick the Ball
A “test module” for proposed megaloads on U.S. Highway 12 in north-central Idaho that made it into Montana this week took weeks to arrive and caused a five-hour power outage and hour-long traffic delay along the way, but state transportation officials and Imperial Oil/ExxonMobil are calling it a success.
Dirty Business
A new report, Dirty Business: How TransCanada Pipelines bullies farmers, manipulates oil markets, threatens fresh water and skimps on safety in the United States, examines the tactics and motivations of TransCanada Pipelines, one of the continent’s largest pipeline companies, as it pushes for approval of its proposed mega-project, the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline.
It's Your Land: Enormous Pipeline Impacts Thousands of Homeowners in Six States
by By Maggie Kerkmanfoxnews
Walking along with Eleanor Fairchild, it’s easy to see why she and her late husband fell in love with their property in East Texas. It’s more than 300 acres of wooded hills and wide open grassy meadows now dotted with wildflowers. It also has a 4-acre lake where Fairchild, in her 70s, still loves to fish. “This was our dream place,” says Fairchild, “it really was.”
Nez Perce, CSKT seek to join lawsuit against Kearl megaloads
by KIM BRIGGEMAN Missoulian
Two tribes along the route of the Kearl Module Transportation Project have asked to take part in litigation designed to halt it. Western Montana's Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, as well as the Nez Perce of Idaho, filed a motion in Missoula County District Court Wednesday asking to have their say in the suit against the Montana Department of Transportation.
Strike Two!: Keystone XL's Second Federal Environmental Review Misses the Mark (Again)
the State Department released a second round of environmental review for the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline which is meant to address issues left out or inadequately addressed in earlier analyses. Notably, this version does not include sufficient evaluation of alternative pipeline routes to avoid the Nebraska Sandhills or Ogallala Aquifer and contains no pipeline safety information from the U.S. Pipeline Safety Administration, according to NRDC.
Protesters demand halt to bank’s tar sands financing
by CHRIS WATT and SIMON BAINHerald - Scotland
PROTESTERS yesterday hijacked a meeting of the Royal Bank of Scotland to demand an end to state-backed funding for tar sands oil projects. Representatives of Canada’s First Nations visited Edinburgh to tell the bank’s annual meeting that oil extraction could threaten their way of life and cause untold environmental damage in the event of a spill. The Scottish bank has raised well over £100 million in funding for Enbridge, the Canadian company behind the controversial Northern Gateway Pipelines in Alberta.
Montana Judge Halts Highway Construction for "Megaload" Exxon Shipments
by Bobby McEnaney’s BlogNRDC switchboard
On Monday, April 18, a Montana state judge issued a temporary restraining order that indefinitely suspends efforts by Exxon and the State of Montana from improving turnouts and other additional infrastructural modifications to the state’s highway system that would be needed to facilitate over 200 planned “megaload” shipments. As discussed in a previous post, Exxon is proposing to ship over 200 oversized shipments of mining equipment to Exxon’s Kearl tar sands operations in Alberta by establishing a ‘shortcut’ route through the Lolo Pass high in the Rocky Mountains that connects Idaho and Montana.
Clinton's tar sands pipeline: who will bear the burden of a weak safety analysis?
by By Anthony Swift and Susan Casey-Lefkowitz NRDC
The supplemental draft environmental impact statement (SDEIS) for TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline that would bring tar sands oil from Canada to the Gulf coast was released by the State Department on April 15. It is inadequate as already introduced in an earlier blog. For this blog, we’ll focus in on the pipeline safety aspects.
Pipeline turns political; Enbridge CEO tackles ‘hard-line activists’
by Gary Park, Petroleum NewsSqwalk
Take it as read that Enbridge Chief Executive Officer Pat Daniel is very worried, or very angry, or both.
Imperial/ExxonMobil Module First Night’s Test Grade = FAIL!!!!!
by  * Trish Weber * NewsAll against the haul
also known as: “Hello, Schadenfraude, my old friend…” If anyone (other than our intrepid monitors) were out and about in Orofino ID last night and wondered why the street lights all dimmed suddenly, it was because the first ExxonMobil megaload knocked out a high voltage power line during its first night’s travel. From the official ITD press release: The load ... hit a guy wire strung across the highway at milepost 47. A pole holding the guy wire up broke, and the guy wire was flung over a nearby high voltage power line. The highway was closed for approximately 60 minutes while waiting for Avista Power to assess the situation.
OilSands: Important Enough to be an Election Issue?
OilSands Advisor
As Canadians are once again asked to go to the polls for an early election, one has to search hard for swing issues, large enough to change the current leadership status quo.
Why Canadian oil does not make America secure
Political turmoil in the Middle East once again exposes America’s dependence on oil and its vulnerability to global price spikes. On Capitol Hill, Big Oil’s political lackeys are stepping up their campaign for supply solutions and the current must-have item on their list is the Keystone XL pipeline and the dirty tar sands oil it will deliver.
No to a New Tar Sands Pipeline and context in one.
Andrew Ottoson
Andrew Ottoson has a few points to make and some data to collect on the KeystoneXL, and he has a blog post with a great, fast collection of material related to the NYT editorial published April 2, 2011
Blame It On Canada (and ourselves)
by Kenny BrunoEarth Island Journal
Earth Island Journal editor Jason Mark is harsh on U.S. environmental groups trying to stop the reckless expansion of the Canadian tar sands, calling them “intellectually dishonest” and “strategically lazy” because they are trying to stem the flow of Canadian tar sands oil at the source, rather than focusing entirely on U.S. oil consumption. But those groups (including mine) may not be are not as dumb as the editorial makes them out to be.
25 American Mayors Speak Out Against Controversial Tar Sands Pipeline
More than two dozen American mayors have sent a letter expressing concern over the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Representing cities and towns across the United States, their letter notes that the controversial project might “undermine the good work being done in local communities across the country to fight climate change and reduce our dependence on oil.”
Victory: State Dept. Agrees to Tougher Review of Keystone Tar Sands Pipeline
by Jess LeberChange.org
A controversial proposal for a pipeline to carry a daily load of 1 million barrels of dirty tar sands crude oil straight through America's heartland ought to be worthy of a rock solid environmental review, don't you think?
Koch Brothers Set Up Shop in Tar Sands Territory
by Emma PullmanDeSmog Blog
The Koch Brothers, architects of the Tea Party and bankrollers of climate-change denial, have recently set up shop to lobby the Alberta government, according to the Edmonton Journal.
How Enviros Helped Block a Pipeline Worth Billions
The Tyee
Nothing exemplifies the high-stakes political tensions of the oil sands better these days than the battle over Keystone XL. A major leak from the 3,200-kilometre pipeline proposed by Calgary-based TransCanada could contaminate drinking water for millions of Americans, opponents fear.
US review to delay oil sands pipeline from Canada
by Rob Lever (AFP)google news
The United States has called for further study on a planned multibillion-dollar pipeline to import oil from Canadian tar sands to the southern US Gulf coast, a move expected to delay the project.
News hoax misleads public on false Enbridge initiative
by Cameron Orr, Smithers Interior News, March 15, 2011sqwalk.com
A campaign to collect hair from salons to be used to soak up spilled oil is not in fact an Enbridge initiative, the company said Tuesday.
In America's Capital, a Fierce Fight over Oil Sands
by Geoff DembickiThe Tyee
In the hallways and offices of America's capital city, a war is being quietly waged out of view of most Canadians and Americans.
Johanns on XL Pipeline: Construction “Needs to Be Delayed.”
by News Articles Featured | WatchDog.org | March 07, 2011Dirty Oil Sands
As the Canadian company looking to build the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline announces the backing of several dozen American veterans, Senator Mike Johanns (NE-R) tells Nebraska Watchdog he believes construction “will be delayed, it needs to be delayed.”
Megaloads, Oil Sands and the Port of Lewiston
by Steve BunkNewWest Energy
An interview with writer Steven Hawley on the Columbia-Snake river system and how it plays into plans to ship massive refinery equipment through Idaho and Montana.
Keystone’s tar sands pipeline concerns environmentalists
The 2,151-mile pipeline already connects Hardisty, Can. with Cushing, Ok. Lying in the path of the Keystone Gulf Coast Extension (Keystone XL) from Cushing, Ok. to Port Arthur is Cherokee County.
SPOIL - the boreal, white bears, oil and amazing filmmaking
EP films
A phenomenal look at the heart of a pristine wilderness - both boreal and marine - that is threatened by oil expansion projects.
NAC unveils full Prairie Scene lineup
Prairie Scene drew criticism earlier this year when a group of artists banded together to protest the fact oil and gas giant Enbridge was a major sponsor of the festival.
A Gateway FOE
Financial Post
On the surface, there is a disproportionate power imbalance between Jackie Thomas, chief of the Saik'uz First Nation of British Columbia, and Enbridge Inc., the Calgary-based pipeline giant.
After Years of Resisting, Alberta Admits Need for Strict Oil Sands Monitoring
by Mathew Klie-CribbSolve Climate
FT. MCMURRAY, ALBERTA—For years, Alberta's government has been under fire for weak monitoring of oil sands development on rivers and lakes. Now it's finally answering its critics, by commissioning a special review that aims to reassure the world that its booming industry is being developed with the utmost scrutiny.
Nez Perce Oppose Mega-loads Through Reservation
by Jack McNeelIndian Country
If Exxon Mobile Corp., ConocoPhillips and other conglomerates have their way, 140-ton, 210-foot-long mega-load trucks may soon be rumbling within 50 feet of the site of the Nez Perce’s creation myth.
A Giant Pipeline Carrying Dirty Oil From Canada to Texas. What Could Go Wrong?
by Kate SheppardMother Jones
Last year was quite a year for oil and gas disasters. In addition to the BP blowout, there was a leak on BP's TransAlaska pipeline, a million-gallon oil spill in Michigan, and a gas explosion that destroyed 37 homes and killed eight people in California.
Their Dirty Deeds Are Done Dirt Cheap
by Chris Hagerbaumer OEC
Despite slick ads claiming they’re investing in a clean energy future, oil companies continue to pour billions of dollars into dirtier fuels, like tar sands, and run roughshod over communities far and near. Although no oil is drilled or refined in Oregon, our grandest river, the Columbia, has become an industrial corridor for heavy, oversized equipment being shipped from Asia to expand the Alberta Tar Sands in Canada.
Regulators Shield Spill-Response Info on Oil-Sands Pipeline From Public View
by Elana SchorNYTimes
Federal regulators have declined to release emergency response details and worst-case spill estimates for a pipeline system that carries Canadian oil-sands crude to the United States, drawing charges of excessive secrecy from the advocacy group that sought the data.
Pundits question economic value of oilsands
by Toronto Sun | February 04, 2011DirtyOilSands
As interest in Canada’s oilsands from foreign investors swells, new questions are being raised about the economic benefits of Canadian crude outside of Alberta. World-renowned Canadian activist David Suzuki published a commentary on Thursday challenging the concept of so-called “ethical oil.”
Winnipeg artists object to energy company's sponsorship of arts festival
A festival meant to promote Prairie artists has hit a public-relations snag, with a number of artists signing a petition objecting to an energy company's sponsorship of the event.
Professor quits oil-sands panel over strict confidentiality requirements
Less than a week after its members were announced, an Alberta oil sands panel has lost one of them over strict confidentiality rules she felt would prevent her from involving other groups, including aboriginals, in the panel’s work.
Is Hillary Clinton in Cahoots With TransCanada?
by Kate ShepphardMotherJones
Three environmental groups are challenging the denial of a Freedom of Information Act request for records of communication between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the lead lobbyist for the international oil services company TransCanada.
Watchdog Groups Appeal State Department’s Refusal to Disclose Communications with Oil Lobbyist
Three watchdog groups today filed an appeal with the U.S. State Department over its refusal to release correspondence between the agency and a former high-ranking presidential campaign staffer of Hillary Clinton’s, Paul Elliott.
Big Oil’s Pipeline Scheme to Increase Midwest Gas Prices
by Jeremy SymonsNWF
This time, Big Oil has been caught with their hand in the cookie jar as they scheme to hike America’s oil bill by $4 billion every year. This time, we have the industry documents that prove it.
Oklahoma Family Throws Roadblock Into TransCanada's Tar Sands Plans
by Jess Leber change.org
A family from the Okie state is not at all OK with a foreign oil company trying to grab its land in the perverse name of U.S. national interest.
Great Plains oil pipeline plan sparks grass-roots activism, high-stakes lobbying
by Juliet Eilperin Washington Post Staff Writer WashingtonPost
A massive feat of engineering by any measure, the Keystone pipeline expansion project would transport crude oil close to 1,700 miles from "oil sands" in the icy reaches of Hardisty, Alberta, down through the Great Plains to the refineries of Port Arthur, Tex.
Massive tar sands oil pipeline no longer sure bet for Big Oil; pivotal Obama administration decision nears
by Alex Moore, Dirty Fuels CampaignerFoE
Once thought a shoo-in for Obama administration approval, a proposed tar sands oil pipeline emerged as a controversial flashpoint in the fight over our nation’s energy future in 2010.
The Hidden Pitfalls of Increasing U.S. Dependence On Canadian Oil Sands
by Ed DolanBusiness Insider
Canada is the biggest supplier of oil imports to the United States. Increasingly, those imports come from its vast reserves of oil sands.
Why We Need to Stop Calling Tar Sands Oil "Ethical Oil"
by Emma PullmanDeSmogBlog
There are few terms in the Canadian vernacular that irk me more than "ethical oil". Since Ezra Levant's 2010 book "Ethical Oil" hit the scene, it's become the favourite language for government newspeak, and the media. Worst of all, its given tar sands proponents and the Conservative Government fodder for their debunked argument that tarsands oil is good for us.
International Stop the Tar Sands Day 2011
by D. LeahySierraClub Canada
I guess my timing on this one could not have been better. Harper and new Environment Minister Peter Kent announce Friday that the tar sands are ethical oil and have gotten a bad rap. Derek announces Sunday the date for International Stop the Tar Sands Day 2011.
Can the Canadian oil sands really be an 'ethical' source of energy?
Crane and Matten
In fact, as he says, the oil sands are "an ethical source of energy". Yes, that's right. Alberta is the new home of ethical oil. Oh boy, that's going to need some explaining.
Ottawa kept in dark on abnormal fish found in oil-sands rivers
by Josh Wingroveglobe and mail
Hundreds of deformed fish found in rivers running through the Alberta oil sands have been collected and documented by an industry-led monitoring body, The Globe and Mail has learned, but the findings were not shared with the public or key decision makers in government.
Tarsands pollution: Ottawa tries to ‘up its game’
the star
After digging their heads in the tarsands for years, the governing Conservatives have seen the light: Environment Minister John Baird vowed last week to “up the federal government’s game.”
Former environment minister threatened to impose new rules on oil sands
by SHAWN McCARTHY Globe andMail
Former environment minister Jim Prentice privately told U.S. Ambassador David Jacobson more than a year ago that he was prepared to impose new regulations on the oil sands if the industry and province did not improve their environmental performance, newly released Wikileaks documents reveal.
Alberta's Fight to 'Clean' Its Oil Sands
by Christa MarshallNYT
On a chilly December night in Alberta, in the heart of the country's oil boom, cab driver Milan Malusic complains about the gasoline-like odors from oil sands facilities that seep through his car windows on a daily basis.
bypass alberta government on tar sands pollution monitoring, say environmentalists: enforcement of federal law needs federal monitoring
In the wake of an independent panel concluding that water monitoring in the tar sands is inadequate, environmentalists are calling on Ottawa to bypass the Alberta government in order to fully enforce the pollution provisions of the federal Fisheries Act. Even before today’s release of the panel’s findings, the Alberta government tried to pre-empt federal action by announcing its own lengthy process to fix water monitoring in the tar sands, after maintaining for years that nothing was wrong.
Alberta said to be top industrial greenhouse gas emitter
Chronicle Herald
Experts say that figures on greenhouse gases in Canada suggest that Alberta’s economy is dangerously dependent on carbon-emitting industries.
You ain't seen nuthin' yet: expect even bigger headlines for oilsands in 2011
by Bob Weber, The Canadian Pressmyask.com
After a year of scathing billboards in foreign cities, a virtual revolving door of American politicians and Hollywood celebrities, and a very public trial over 1,600 dead ducks, it may be hard to imagine how Alberta's oilsands could get any more prominent.
All against the haul: petition
All against the haul
In secret negotiations with state agencies and public officials, the world’s wealthiest corporations began hatching plans several years ago to transform rivers and rural roads in the Northwest and Northern Rockies into a permanent industrial corridor to the Tar Sands of Alberta, Canada.
Enbridge’s plan dead in the water, say First Nations
by Stephanie GoodwinGreenpeace - CA
“We will not allow the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines, or similar Tar Sands projects, to cross our lands, territories and watersheds, or ocean migration routes of Fraser River salmon”.
Companies Boycott Alberta Oil
Three more companies are announcing they will try to avoid using fuel derived from Alberta’s oil sands; U.S. cosmetics giant Avon, U.K.-based LUSH Cosmetics and Canadian-owned Concord Transportation.
Oil Use Must Drop To Meet Climate Goals [PDF]
by Lorne Stockman and Kenny BrunoOilChange International and CEI
Each year, the International Energy Agency (IEA) publishes its World Energy Outlook(WEO), several hundred pages of analysis of one of the world’s largest industrial sectors.
Canadian First Nations Representatives Deploy Giant Human Banner Demanding End to Tar Sands Development
Indigenous Peoples of Canada and their allies from around the world are in Cancun at the COP-16 climate summit demanding real action to reduce fossil fuel pollution.
Canadian Government Partnered With Polluting Industry to Fight US Climate Action
by Matthew McDermottTreeHugger
Considering the considerable official enthusiasm for the highly polluting and carbon intensive Alberta tar sands, this really isn't so surprising: According to correspondence obtained by the Pembina Institute, the Canadian Government is "pursuing an orchestrated strategy to undermine US effort to combat climate change" and partnered with polluters to fight US effort to reduce emissions from high-carbon fuels.
Enviros Launch Ad Assault Against Oil Sands Pipeline Project
by Elana SchorNYT
A coalition of 20 environmental groups took to the airwaves today in their escalating pushback against a $7 billion Canadian oil sands pipeline, launching a two-week ad campaign urging President Obama to "prevent the next oil disaster" by rejecting a permit for the project.
Simon Mui’s Blog- Tar Sands and GHG Emissions: Setting the Record Straight
by Simon NuiNRDC
As I laid out in a previous blog, after years of academic studies and environmental impact statements showing tar sands being significantly dirtier that conventional crude oils, the government of Alberta and the oil industry are fighting back with their own consultant studies.
Oil Sands Effort Turns on a Fight Over a Road
As U.S. Highway 12 hugs the serpentine banks of the Clearwater and Lochsa Rivers here, road signs bear the silhouettes of the 19th-century explorers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, with Mr. Lewis pointing off into the distance.
Tell President Obama to Reject a Pipeline for the World's Dirtiest Oil
In Canada's tar sands, giant oil corporations are turning huge tracts of pristine forest into a wasteland of open pit mines, smoke stacks and toxic lagoons. This pollution is causing cancer hot spots in indigenous communities downstream.
First Nations representatives undo greenwashing tactics of Alberta and Federal governments during European Union tour of tar sands
Indigenous Environmental Network hosted an informal meeting between Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and elected leadership from First Nations in Alberta and BC to discuss Indigenous rights violations in their communities as a result of the world's largest and most destructive development known as Canada's Tar Sands.
75 Groups from Canada, US and Europe Call for End to Toxic Tar Sands Tailings
by Emma PullmanDeSmogBlog
75 groups from across Canada, the U.S. and Europe have signed a petition calling on the federal and Alberta governments to immediately phase out existing tailings lakes and deny any proposed project that would create new tailings lakes. Greenpeace issued the call-out last week, and 45 groups across Canada, including 23 Alberta-based groups, six U.S. groups, and one group from Europe have signed on to support a moratorium on destructive tar sands practices. To date, there have been over 600 signatories to the petition.
Please note that only one pond has ever been "reclaimed".
Although no tailings ponds have been reclaimed to date, Suncor Energy Inc. is working to have its first pond reclaimed in 2010.
Webinar on Exxon Heavy Haul Plan for the Pacific Northwest
* Heavy Haul 101 – what is the plan and why is it so harmful? * Connection to the Alberta Tar Sands * Strategies and Activities Opposing Exxon – litigation, political advocacy and grassroots mobilization
Senators Question Secretary of State Clinton's Comments on Oil Sands Pipeline
Eleven Democratic senators today raised concerns about the State Department's evaluation of environmental risks in weighing whether to approve a controversial Canadian oil sands pipeline, calling for multiple questions to be resolved before the project proceeds.
Senators Rebuke Clinton Over Controversial Pipeline
Eleven influential senators sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today rebuking her for stating support for a controversial pipeline before her own agency has completed a legally mandated environmental impact analysis.
Some Thoughts on Tourism Boycotts
by Michael MarxCorporate Ethics International
Pact With the Devil: A New Fossil Fuel Energy Boom May Be Our Ultimate Undoing
by Yale Environment 360 / By Keith Schneider Alternet
The most direct path to America’s newest big oil and gas fields is U.S. Highway 12, two lanes of blacktop that unfold from Grays Harbor in Washington State and head east across the top of the country to Detroit.
Some Nebraska Landowners Won't Make Way for Oil Sands Pipeline
by Elizabeth McGowanSolveClimate
Editor's Note: In late September, SolveClimate News reporter Elizabeth McGowan traveled to Nebraska to find out more about the Keystone XL pipeline that TransCanada plans to build to carry crude oil from the tar sands of Alberta to Gulf Coast refineries in Texas. This is the sixth in a series.
Canada's Oily Sands Yield Energy and Protests
A dozen Greenpeace activists wearing bathing suits and covered in molasses intended to resemble crude oil held up their hands like stop signs in the business district of Montreal last month.
Tribal Councils in U.S. and Canada Uniting Against Oil Sands Pipeline
by  Elizabeth McGowan at SolveClimateReuters
Indigenous communities in Canada and the United States are singing the same tune in opposition to TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline.
New Oil Sands Legislation Would Strip Clause From 2007 Energy Act
by Stacy Feldmansolve climate
Environmentalists are bracing for a renewed fight with lawmakers and the petroleum industry over whether the U.S. military should be allowed to meet its massive fuel needs with Canadian oil sands.
Is an oilsands truce possible?
by Sheila PrattEJ
Over the last two years, forestry executive Avrim Lazar found himself in an uncomfortable place, sitting across the table from longtime arch-foes Greenpeace, the David Suzuki Foundation and Friends of the Earth. Read more: http://www.edmontonjournal.com/business/oilsands+truce+possible/3616360/story.html#ixzz170dXgCWr
API Scaremongers Over Jobs
by Andy Rowelloilchange
The good old American Petroleum Institute is up to its old tricks again, scaremongering over jobs.
Pension fund says no to oil
by Sara JeswaniSweden.se/blogs
A debate that comes up now and then in Sweden is where our pension money should be invested, since a part of Sweden’s retirement capital is invested in funds. After the oil disaster in the Mexican Gulf, deep sea oil drilling and tar sands exploitation have been in focus.
Mercury in eggs downstream from oil sands grows 50 per cent: study
by Bob WeberGlobe and Mail
A study by Environment Canada indicates levels of toxic mercury in the eggs of water birds downstream from the oil-sands industry seem to have grown by nearly 50 per cent over the last three decades.
Dave Heineman, Mike Meister spar over Keystone XL pipeline
by  DON WALTON / Lincoln Journal StarJournal Star
Gov. Dave Heineman "needs to be screaming bloody murder" about the routing of an oil pipeline through the Sandhills and across the Ogallala Aquifer, Mike Meister said Thursday.
Tailings Pond Reclamation
Alberta Prime Time
To what extent has the land been restored? Will it provide a sustainable ecosystem? And is it the first tailings pond reclamation of many? Joining us for this discussion is Terra Simieritsch, a policy analyst with the Pembina Institute.
After touring tar sands operations, meeting with scientists, industry representatives from Syncrude, Suncor and Cenovus, Premier Stelmach and the Alberta government and after visiting with First Nations in Fort McMurray and Fort Chipewyan, Canadian-born film director James Cameron, in Alberta on a fact finding trip, said he was determined to help communities whose health and traditional ways of life are being threatened.
Cameron directs attention to oilsands
by Graham ThompsonVS
Last Friday, U.S. satirist Stephen Colbert turned Washington on its ear by testifying before a Congressional subcommittee studying whether migrant farm workers should earn legal rights. Read more: http://www.edmontonjournal.com/entertainment/movie-guide/Cameron+directs+attention+oilsands/3589383/story.html#ixzz170IndOXF
The Oilsands
On Monday, September 27 and Tuesday, September 28, Peter Mansbridge will be hosting The National from Alberta. We'll have two nights of special coverage of the vastly profitable and highly controversial oilsands.
AvaTARsands: James Cameron visits Pandora on Earth
After his tour, on September 29th he met with Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach, and held a press conference. Reactions to that press conference.
First Nation says: Oil companies shall not pass
by G. Dunkel WorkersWorld
From British Columbia to Quebec, from Canada to the United States to the United Kingdom, a movement inspired by the resistance of the Unist’ot’en of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation people to an oil pipeline proposed by the pipeline giant Enbridge is gaining momentum.
Tar sands: Still dirty after all these years
David Sands of the Government of Alberta pointed out in the comments that CERA had done a study supporting the view that that the tar sands were not overly carbon intensive. Unsurprisingly, that analysis turns out to have multiple flaws, as NRDC scientist and former EPA analyst Simon Mui explains in “Tar Sands: Why Alberta Has A Credibility Problem” (reposted below).
Alberta road show defends tarsands
by Rob Fergusonthestar.com
Under attack from North American environmental groups over its tarsands, Alberta launched a charm offensive Monday extolling the economic benefits to Ontarians of extracting oil from the western soil.
Fishermen, residents ask PM to probe cause of deformed fish
by Hanneke Brooymans, Postmedia NewsVancouver Sun
Postmedia News / Scientist David Schindler holds a white fish with a tumour growth from the Athabasca watershed. Photograph by: Ed Kaiser, Postmedia News Concern over fish found downstream from oilsands developments in Alberta with discoloured bodies, deformities and rotting flesh have spurred calls for an investigation.
In Nebraska, Oil Pipeline Builder Keeping Deal for Landowners Secret
by Elizabeth McGowan at SolveClimateReuters
It’s evidently the same document. But when a grassroots organization refers to it as a gag order and a large corporation calls it a nondisclosure agreement, it’s clear that neither is on exactly the same page.
Environmentalists get hearings into proposed Total oilsands mine halted
Winnipeg Free Press
Environmental groups got their way Tuesday when a public hearing into a proposed oilsands mine in northern Alberta was abruptly adjourned.
First Nations leaders in D.C. to urge politicians to reject oilsands pipeline
by Mitch Potterthestar.com
A summer of spilled oil has only thickened the plot as the U.S. government weighs a pipeline proposal that would as much as double the southern flow of controversial Canadian crude.
Alberta announces next phase in campaign to counter oil sands opposition
by Jason Fekete, Calgary HeraldCH
The provincial government officially launched today the next phase in its energy and oilsands marketing campaign, which includes electronic billboard ads in New York's Times Square.
Oil and water don’t mix – but can they co-exist?
GLOBE-Net - EnvironmentalExpert.com
Real progress is being made to reduce the environmental impact of oil sands activities. But that message is being lost in the flood of bad press about contamination of adjacent waterways and concerns about those ugly tailings ponds. Oil and water don't mix. But can they co-exist?
Enbridge Opposition: B.C. native leader says 'no' to hearings on pipeline
A B.C. First Nations leader took a defiant stand against a plan to build an oil pipeline across B.C. as he appeared Tuesday before a federal panel holding hearings on the massive project.
Elevated levels of toxins found in Athabasca River
by Josh WingroveGlobe and Mail
A study set to be published on Monday has found elevated levels of mercury, lead and eleven other toxic elements in the oil sands’ main fresh water source, the Athabasca River, refuting long-standing government and industry claims that water quality there hasn’t been affected by oil sands development.
From blue to bleak: northern Albertans at edge of oilsands face an uncertain water future
by Hanneke BrooymansEdmonton Journal
Cookie Simpson was born in a tent in the Dog Head Reserve near the shores of Lake Athabasca in northern Alberta, about 660 kilometres north of Edmonton. Her access to clean drinking water was as good as any city kid's, but it didn't involve a tap. Instead, she scooped her water with a cup right from the lake.
Decoding RBS Greenwash
As 500 climate activists set up camp at RBS Global Headquarters in Edinburgh last week, the bank tried and failed to play the victim. Despite the bank’s assertions to the press, we showed that the bank is not a top funder of renewable energy (according to Bloomberg), and never offered to meet with protest leaders (according to protest leaders).
Controversial Campaign hits Alberta
Campaign highlights the decimation caused by tar sands in Canada and asks tourists not to help contribute to the environmental ravages
Pembina and Water Matters React: Noncompliance with tailings Directive 074 a growing concern
Alberta Environmental Network
Simon Dyer, oil sands program director for the Pembina Institute, and Joe Obad, associate director of Water Matters, responded to today's announcement that the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) has approved Imperial Oil’s Kearl oil sands tailings plan:
The Polaris Institute endorses UK re-think Alberta campaign
Polaris Institute
On the heels of its endorsement of a July ad campaign aimed at branding Alberta as one of the world’s dirtiest energy producing places to visit, the Polaris Institute welcomes Corporate Ethics International’s re-think Alberta campaign encouraging people in the United Kingdom to think twice about visiting Alberta.
Think twice about visiting Canada until it abandons tar sands destruction
by Kenny Bruno guardian-UK
If you're still planning your summer holiday, don't be fooled by Canada's green image and Alberta's famed Rocky Mountains. Canada is the surprising home to the most destructive project on Earth, the Alberta tar sands.
Investors Press Oil Companies to Better Disclose Oil Spill Plans
In the wake of significant financial losses from the BP oil spill and in response to a proliferation of deepwater offshore drilling worldwide, more than 50 U.S. and other global investors have sent letters to major energy companies asking them to disclose information regarding their risk oversight measures, including spill prevention and response plans, for their own offshore oil operations around the world.
Pipeline spill underlines fears of new tar sands development
by Eartha Jane MelzerMichigan Messenger
The type of oil that flowed through the Enbridge pipeline when it ruptured in Calhoun County on July 25 is far more damaging to the environment than regular crude at every stage, from extraction to refining, and poses higher risks when spilled into lakes and rivers
RethinkAlberta, Michael Marx on Vancouver Co-op Radio
Vancouver Co-op Radio
An interview with Michael Marx about the RethinkAlberta Campaign
Pipeline Protestors Greet Obama in Chicago
Activists who oppose a controversial pipeline that would bring the world’s dirtiest oil to the U.S. demonstrated outside of a fundraising event attended by President Obama here today and called on the president to reject a permit to allow the project to move forward.
Oil Sands Ad Campaign Touches Energy Security Raw Nerve
by Stacey FeldmanSolveClimate
It was one of the biggest news stories in the Canadian media last week, and it barely registered in the U.S. press: an unorthodox ad campaign by environmental groups out to punish Alberta for its development of energy from its vast deposits of oil sands.
What Those Who Killed the Tar Sands Report Don't Want You to Know
by Andrew NikiforukTyee
Why did a parliamentary committee suddenly destroy drafts of a final report on tar sands pollution? Here's what they knew.
Top US diplomat wants Alberta to clean up oilsands
by Cormac Mac Sweeney and Lisa Grant660 news
he US Ambassador to Canada is in Calgary with a message for the Alberta government. He wants more done to clean up the oilsands.
Anti-oilsands ads - CBC review on the rethink Alberta launch
The National: A U.S. group unveils billboards urging Americans to reco...
Rethink Alberta campaign riles Tories
by Graham Thomson, edmontonjournal.com
Environmentalists have just escalated their war against the Alberta oilsands.
Anti-Oilsands Campaign - Alberta Primetime
Alberta Primetime
A network of international citizen lobby groups has launched a gritty campaign against Alberta, telling tourists to "rethink" a trip to our province because it is home to, “the tar sands and the dirtiest oil on earth”.
Rethink Alberta
Does the Gulf Oil Spill make your angry? Wait until you learn about North America’s “other oil disaster.” The Alberta Tar Sands have been described as “the most destructive energy project on earth.”
Powerful US Congressman Sends Serious Opposition to Canada Oil Sands Pipeline
by Kevin Grandiadesmogblog
Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA), a senior member of Congress and chair of the powerful Congressional Committee on Energy and Commerce has penned a public letter to the Secretary of State, Hilary Rodham Clinton, in which he states strong opposition to a planned oil pipeline that would transport Canada's controversial tar sands oil to the US Gulf Coast.
Alberta buys $56K ad in U.S. paper
The province paid $55,800 to place the ad after the newspaper rejected Stelmach's piece for its op-ed page. Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/calgary/story/2010/07/02/edmonton-alberta-premier-letter-washington-post-oilsands.html#ixzz10lYzMcAT
Clean tar sands and safe deepwater drilling “more PR than reality.”
by Andy Rowelloilchange.porg
The industry’s PR response from Deepwater is shaping up nicely. This is the industry message: We will give you improved safety and you give us resumed drilling. The Gulf of Mexico represents energy security and jobs for the boys to boot.
U.S. Congress Waking Up To Another Oil Disaster
by Kenny BrunoChange.Org
On May 27, referring to the BP Deepwater disaster, President Obama said “where I was wrong was in my belief that the oil companies had their act together when it came to worst-case scenarios.”
Obama and the Oil Spill
President Obama’s handling of the gulf oil spill has been disappointing.I say that not because I endorse the dishonest conservative critique that the gulf oil spill is somehow Obama’s Katrina and that he is displaying the same kind of incompetence that George W. Bush did after that hurricane.
50 Representatives Urge Obama to Recognize Keystone XL Pipeline’s Threat to Clean Energy Future
As details continue to emerge on just how extensively BP cut corners at the expense of safety, and 60,000 barrels of oil gushes into the Gulf each day, nearly two months after the Deepwater Horizon explosion, 50 members of Congress submitted a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to press her and the Obama administration not to rush to approve a new tar sands oil pipeline that would stretch over 2,000 miles of the United States from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.
Production Costs Climb for Canadian Oil Sands, Companies Say
by Marianne StigsetBloomberg
The financial crisis and the global recession had limited effect on efforts to lower production costs for Canadian oil sands, companies including Statoil ASA and Canadian Oil Sands Trust said.
The oil sands if necessary, but not necessarily the oil sands
by Janet KeepingSheldon Chumir Foundation
The unfolding disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has prompted attempts to exonerate what’s happening in northern Alberta’s oil sands. Does the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico make the oil sands look good by comparison?
IEA stunner: global subsidies to dirty energy top $550 billion a year
by David RobertsGrist
File this one under "news that ought to be the top headline across the world but will likely be ignored." An early draft of a comprehensive new study from the International Energy Agency reveals that total global subsidies to dirty fossil-fuel energy amount to $550 billion a year -- about 75 percent more than previously thought.
Canada's Oil Sands Face Significant Financial and Environmental Risks as Great as Those in BP Spill
While public attention is focused on widespread environmental and financial damage from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, a new Ceres report released today shows that the environmental and financial risks of producing oil in Canada's vast oil sands region may be even greater.
NASA scientist urges Norway to pull out of Alberta's 'destructive' oilsands
NASA's top scientist wants to persuade the prime minister of Norway to order the country's state-owned energy giant to get out of Alberta's oilsands. You can see the letter here!
Desperation in the Gulf… the sequel?
by Kenny Brunodirtyoilsands.org
Four new reports show why expanding the Canadian tar sands industry to the Gulf of Mexico is bad policy for the United States.
Athabasca Oil Sands Is Worst Performing Canadian IPO Since 2007
by Dodug AlexanderBusinessWeek
May 12 (Bloomberg) -- Athabasca Oil Sands Corp., Canada’s largest initial public offering since 1999, has been the worst- performing IPO in more than two years.
Putting TarSands in your Tank
by Andy RowellOilChange
Disaster One. New estimates put the amount of oil per day pouring into the Gulf of Mexico at one million gallons a day
Tar Sands Means Higher Oil Prices
by Lorne StockmanCorporate Ethics International
Tar sands production exerts little if any influence over global oil prices because it maintains no spare production capacity. Tar sands production is a symptom of high oil prices and not a basis for lower prices.
Good news, Royal Dutch Shell Delays Oil Sands Expansion, Globe Reports
by Sean B. PasternakBloomberg
Royal Dutch Shell Plc has put plans to expand operations in Alberta’s oil sands on hold for at least five years, the Globe and Mail reported, citing Marvin Odum, the company’s Americas head.
Syncrude faces multimillion-dollar tailings costs
Syncrude Canada Ltd, the country's largest oil sands producer, will spend hundreds of millions of dollars building two plants to reduce toxic waste under recently tightened regulations, it said on Friday.
AvaTarsands: The Dirty Sequel
The film entitled AvaTarsands: The Dirty Sequel includes a musical interlude sung by Tar Sands oil executives and features a cameo by a blue-faced President Obama. The film funded by Corporate Ethics International asks Americans to write to President Obama warning that Canada’s Tar Sands do not fit in the new clean energy economy.
APG may vote against BP, Shell on tar sands
by Daniel Brooksbank, Responsible InvestorBHRRC
APG Asset Management, the wholly-owned fund manager of the €180bn Dutch civil servants pension fund ABP, has warned it may join shareholder protests over the involvement of oil giants BP and Shell in controversial tar sands projects in Alberta, Canada.
Money spent on tar sands projects could decarbonise western economies
The £250bn cost of developing Canada’s controversial tar sands between now and 2025 could be used to decarbonise the western economy by funding ambitious solar power schemes in the Sahara or a European wide shift to electric vehicles, according to a new report.
First Nations rebut Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
March 5 /CNW/ - The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) responded to the "Avatarsands" ad in Hollywood's Variety newspaper, making a variety of misleading claims regarding First Nations. See: http://www.newswire.ca/en/releases/archive/March2010/04/c6952.html.
James Cameron, a Canadian born and raised near the majestic boreal forest, has shined a light on a dark reality. Find out more at: dirtyoilsands.org
Campaign on tar sands extraction targets oil investors
Campaigners against the extraction of oil from tar sands are encouraging people to lobby their pension schemes if they hold shares in Shell or BP.
Love Winter?
As the world gathers for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, winter itself is on the wane. It’s no secret that global warming threatens winter as we know it… and the sports, recreation and tourism that rely upon it. But the reckless expansion of the oil sands dooms the fight to save winter.
Whole Foods, Bed Bath & Beyond Say No Way to Alberta Tar Sands
by Naturally SavvyTreeHugger
The Alberta tar sands is taking another hit as two major retailers--Whole Foods and Bed Bath & Beyond--announced on Wednesday that they are moving to avoid using the petroleum products sourced from the tar sands for transporting product, according to a ForestEthics press release.
“Shock waves of anxiety” over Shell’s tar sands move
by  Lorne StockmanPrice of Oil
Remarks made by Shell CEO, Peter Voser to the Financial Times Energy Editor that his company has “clearly scaled down” its plans for a massive expansion of tar sands production should send waves of anxiety through the Canadian oil industry and a serious rethink among energy security hawks in Washington.
Enbridge pipeline opposed by Pembina because of increased oil production
by Shaun Polczer Calgary Herald Dogwood Initiative
A new report on the potentially negative environmental impacts of an oilsands pipeline to the West Coast has opened a new front for environmentalists opposed to the idea.
No Means No: First Nations Opposition to Enbridge Pipeline Is Growing and Unequivocal
Office of Wet'suwet'en
Online animation visualizes First Nations opposition along proposed Enbridge pipeline route; pipeline is bringing First Nations together to protect their lands and waters.
Comments to the White House regarding the EISA Section 933 Energy Security Report to Congress
The following comments are submitted as input to the content of the report the White House is required to submit to Congress under Section 933 of the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA). This memo focuses on the role of Canadian oil sands, traditionally known as tar sands, and suggests that the White House begin dismantling myths about the supposed key role of oil from tar sands to provide energy security. We argue that growth in tar sands imports cannot provide energy security to the United States.
Reflections on China’s Oil Sands Bid
by John LorincNYT
State-owned companies like PetroChina are probably going to be in the market for more energy deals in Canada due to that country’s high dollar, said the former Clinton administration trade official Patrick Mulloy, a member of the United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission.
Canada’s oil sands
Whatever does or doesn’t come out of Copenhagen, one tough issue that’s not going away any time soon is the controversy over the development of Canada’s oil sands.
China's PetroChina invests in Canada oil sands
Canada's Industry Minister, Tony Clement, has given PetroChina the go-ahead for a $1.7bn (£1bn) acquisition of two oil sand projects.
Canada at Copenhagen: "delay, obstruction, and total inaction"
by Jeremy Hancemongobay.com
Canada was the biggest obstructer at the Climate Change conference in Copenhagen, according to the Climate Action Network (CAN) an organization made-up of 450 NGOs.
Oil Sands report reveals the "dirt"
by Jeremy HanceTreeHugger
Canada's tar sands have been internationally criticized as one of the world's largest industrial sources of greenhouse gases, but the energy-intensive extraction of oil also has a less-noted impact on the local environment.
CANADA'S OIL SANDS: more questions than answers for investors
by Meg WilcoxCeres
Company actions to manage and disclose environmental and social risks from vast oil extraction undertaking fall short of what investors want
Raitt touts oilsands to New York business, political elite
by Steven Edwards , Canwest News Servicecanada.com
Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt played on American economic and security worries Tuesday as she pitched the energy advantages of Alberta's controversial oilsands.
A production of H2Oil
South Dakota Tar Sands Pipelines: Communities reporting
South Dakota Tar Sands Pipelines
South Dakota Tar Sands Pipelines is maintained by Plains Justice, a public-interest law center that represents Dakota Rural Action in the Keystone XL pipeline proceedings at the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission.
12 Fortune 500 Companies Called Out for Dirty Tar Sands Oil Habits
In July, ForestEthics sent letters to over 100 Fortune 500 companies, warning that use of transportation fuels from Canada's Tar Sands puts their brands at risk, and offering the group's expertise in avoiding such fuels.
US: Tar-sands oil standoff brews in Minnesota
by Leslie Brooks Suzukamo , TwinCities.com - Pioneer PressCorpWatch
The fight over global warming and Canadian oil is heating up, and Minnesota, which gets 80 percent of its oil from Canada, is sitting on the griddle.
BP and Shell: rising risks in tar sands investment
GreenPeace UK
This report details the range of existing and emerging risks that BP and Shell face from their expansion of production in the Canadian tar sands. We believe the risks are significant for BP and Shell shareholders, and that investors should question the companies more deeply on their tar sands strategies and call for greater transparency regarding the assessment of the mid to long term viability of these projects.
Enbridge's Bad Week
by Will HorterDogwood Initiative
A $100 million slush fund can buy you a lot of things, but it doesn’t look like it can buy Enbridge support for its Northern Gateway pipeline and tanker project in northern BC.
China invests in Canada oil sands
PetroChina has agreed to buy a 60% stake in two planned Canadian oil sands projects for $1.7bn (£1bn).
My mother told me there’d be days like these…
by Alan SeptoffDirtyOilSands
Flying in the face of a growing host of military experts and research showing the contrary, Secretary Clinton decided that Enbridge’s Alberta Clipper dirty oil sands pipeline is in the U.S. national interest. Presidential Executive Order 11423 allows the Secretary to permit the pipeline ONLY if she judges it’s in the national interest.
Native, Green Groups Oppose State Department Dirty Pipeline Permit
Earth Justice
An international coalition of environmental and Native American groups strongly opposed Thursday's U.S. State Department decision to issue a permit for a pipeline to carry the dirtiest oil on earth from Canada to the U.S. and vowed to challenge it in court.
Concluding Statement: KAIROS Ecumenical Delegation to the Athabasca Tar Sands
An ecumenical delegation of ten leaders from Canadian churches and church organizations, a hereditary Indigenous chief from British Columbia and partners from Ecuador and Nigeria traveled in Alberta from May 21 to 27 to learn more about the tar sands and their impacts on people and the earth
Beaver Lake Cree claim development tramples on traditional hunting and fishing grounds
by T. BabiakEdmonton Journal
The disposable placemats in the La Biche Inn feature grand prairie scenes from aboriginal and European disagreements, highlights of the Northwest Rebellion of 1885.
Tell Secretary Clinton we want a clean energy future, not the dirtiest oil on earth
Dirty Oil Sands
Right now, while the United States is working to move into a clean energy economy, a stealth dirty oil mega project is sneaking across the border.It's up to us to stop it.
Palin's Pipeline From Hell
by M BruneHuffington Post
There's a stealth dirty oil mega-project sneaking into the United States. It's arriving piece by piece, pipeline by pipeline, refinery by refinery, and permit by permit -- but it's a singularly immense monstrosity conceived by Big Oil. It's called the Canadian Tar Sands, or as the oil industry prefers, Canadian Oil Sands.
Native band says 15,000 oilsands developments planned on ancestral land
by Elise StolteEdmonton Journal
The amount Alberta owes First Nations affected by oilsands development could easily outstrip all the royalties the province has earned off the resource if courts rule in favour of native bands, said a lawyer for the Beaver Lake Cree Nation on Thursday.
Concerned About Water, Communities From Across the Northwest Territories Call for a Moratorium on Oil Sands Development
“This is a life or death situation for people of the North,” says Yellowknife Councillor Kevin Kennedy, a member of the municipal council that brought the resolution to this year’s annual meeting. “The Government of Canada needs to take stronger steps to protect water, fish, migratory species and people living in downstream communities.”
Enbridge blowing smoke on Gateway timeline
by Eric SwansonDogwood Initiative
Enbridge is lying to someone...Or shall we say selectively omitting certain truths? After reading this you decide.
Wind money given to oil producers instead, Raitt tape suggests
by STEPHEN MAHER Chronicle Herald
Money earmarked to support wind energy producers was diverted to research and development in the oil patch in backroom budget wrangling, the minister of natural resources said in a conversation with an aide in January.
Syncrude may make constitutional challenge over duck deaths charges
by Hanneke Brooymans,Edmonton
Syncrude may challenge the federal government's constitutional right to charge the company on the tailings pond ducks deaths last year.
Court orders oilsands to list contents of tailings
by Hanneke BrooymansMonton
More information about the toxic content of oilsands tailings ponds that sprawl over 130 square kilometres in northeast Alberta will soon be made public because of a Federal Court decision.
The Tar Sands' Deadly Ponds
by Andrew Nikiforuk
Few issues illustrate the dirty nature of bitumen production better than growing lakes of toxic mining waste along the Athabasca River in northern Canada.
11 million litres a day - the Tar Sands Legacy [PDF]
The Government of Alberta is telling the world that it is managing the vast toxic tailings ponds being created by tar sands mining so that toxic leakage from the ponds does not enter the groundwater. This is untrue.
Driving It Home: Choosing the Right Path for Fueling North America’s Transportation Future[PDF]
by Natural Resources Defense Council *Western Resource Advocates * Pembina Institute
North America stands at an energy crossroads. With the world fast approaching the end of cheap, plentiful conventional oil, we now face a choice: to develop ever-dirtier sources of transportation fuel derived from fossil fuels—at an even greater cost to our health and environment—or to set a course for a more sustainable energy future of clean, renewable fuels.

to help stop the dirtiest oil on earth

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