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Path to Victory Award Nominees

First Place: PVC Consumer Campaign
On CHEJ’s “Target Day of Action” events were held at over 200 Target stores nationwide. In response, Target indicated they are intensively assessing and actively pursuing opportunities to reduce PVC.
Second Place: Exxpose Exxon
For the first time, in 2006, ExxonMobil cut its funding of climate denier groups by at least $1.4 million, or nearly 40 percent of its annual funding to these groups.
Third Place: Fairness in Flowers Campaign
The Campaign persuaded the VeriFlora flower certification program to provide much stronger guarantees for freedom of association, worker safety, and non-discrimination. Also gained significant visibility in Congress and the press.
Third Place: Kleercut Campaign
Convinced high-profile businesses and universities to stop buying Kimberly-Clark products. Over 700 businesses committed to boycotting products. Introduced shareholder resolutions at Kimberly-Clark's annual general meetings. Spoofed a Kimberly-Clark's ad campaign.
Third Place: Stop Firestone Campaign
We are working to stop 80 years of exploitation on the rubber plantation owned by the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company in Liberia. Specifically, we are fighting Firestone's use of child labor, abuse of workers rights and environmental destruction.
Save Teshekpuk Lake
Over 26% of ConocoPhillips shareholders supported our request calling the company to consider not pursuing drilling rights in Teshekpuk Lake. This was an unprecedented vote for a wilderness shareholder resolution.
Warren Buffet: Tear Down Those Dams
The cross-country boat drive attend the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting generated more than 200 media mentions and increased public and financial pressure on Buffett's subsidiary PacifiCorp to remove dams.
Wal-Mart Watch
With partner organizations across the country, we have succeeded in making Wal-Mart take notice of its critics, and begin instituting meaningful changes in its operations.
Solving the Packaging Problem
Thousands of people have taken our packaging pledge. We identified top companies in multiple sectors contributing to the problem and begun both corporate engagement and highlighting them in the media.
Corporate Hall of Shame
Through online voting, webpage links, blogs and widespread media coverage, thousands of people were exposed to the corporate campaigns that our allies are leading to stop corporations abuse of human rights and our communities. In turn, voters turned up the heat on the targeted eight nominated corporations.