Comment: 1993’s Clayoquot Summer was a game-changer
by Valerie Langer , Eduardo Sousa , Maryjka Mychajlowycz , Jens Wieting and Torrance Coste.Times Colonist
Twenty years ago today, about 30 residents of Tofino were driving up and down the highway by Long Beach, communicating via handheld radios, tracking a helicopter carrying B.C.’s premier of the day and select media. A local guy listening in on emergency, aviation and boat communications was transmitting the play-by-play, while the helicopter sought a quiet landing spot where the premier could make a “contained” statement about the fate of Clayoquot Sound’s forests. Nothing that followed, however, in what was to become the Clayoquot Summer of 1993, could be construed as “contained.”
We luv Columbia Sportswear 4 helping 2 stop tar sands!
Roses are red, violets are blue, Columbia Sportswear: We luv U (for helping to stop tar sands, that is)! Columbia Sportswear is the latest of 19 companies that have committed to help stop the expansion of tar sands by pushing for tar sands free transportation. This growing trend is key to protecting the forests of North America and the communities near US oil refineries from the destructive and health threatening effects of tar sands. Join us in thanking Columbia Sportswear for their environmental leadership!
APP commits to end deforestation! Victory!
If this policy is successfully implemented, it will be huge step towards reforming Indonesia’s paper industry, protecting its rainforests and the remaining Sumatran tigers that call that place home. Remember our recent victories with Mattel, Lego, IGA and KFC? When big companies like these started ditching their contracts with APP, it helped persuade the company to make this new commitment. Down here in Australia, we’ve played an incredibly important part of this win (our colleagues at Greenpeace HQ in Amsterdam often referred to us as the “secret weapon in the campaign!). As well as joining in international work against the likes of customers like Mattel, Paperlinx, KCF, Fuji Xerox and others, we’ve taken it right to the doorstep of APP subsidiaries, Solaris and Collins Debden. The loss of IGA led to a mothballing of their Australian factory.


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