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ForestEthics: Three reasons why we donít want crude by rail
There are countless reasons why moving explosive oil in unsafe rail cars is, to put it simply, not a good idea. Crude by rail puts our community safety and our landscapes at risk. All that risk, and whereís the reward? Thatís the kicker. For you and me, there is none. Here are three reasons why oil by rail is unacceptable in North America.
Citizen Video for Journalists: A New Blog Series
Citizen videos take us to corners of the world that reporters cannot access, and put us on the scene long before investigators arrive. Average citizens now have an unprecedented ability to record, upload, and share what they see. Citizen video was responsible for the rapid circulation of news of Oscar Grant's fatal shooting. Citizen video was responsible for the rapid circulation of news of Oscar Grantís fatal shooting. Think of the death of Oscar Grant in California, where video taken by fellow passengers was used to instantly spread awareness of his shooting by a transit officer, and was submitted as evidence in his court trial. Or the war in Syria, where mainstream news is banned but civilians and soldiers have taken up cameras and YouTube accounts to document the uprising. Citizen video is changing the roles of reporters, editors, and audiences. And itís raising new technical and ethical concerns for those covering the news.
Bushís Corporate Education Group Operates from ALECís Playbook
by Mike HallAFL CIO
The American Legislative Exchange Councilís (ALEC's) long history of influencing state legislatorsósometimes even writing legislation for themóto pass laws and promote policies that advance a corporate profit agenda, and at times an extreme conservative agenda, is well documented.

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