Corporate Misbehavior

No Logo: Taking Aim At the Brand Bullies
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United Victims of Benetton: Clean Clothes Campaign
The collapse of the Rana Plaza factory building in Bangladesh is the worst ever industrial accident to hit the garment industry. On April 24, 2013, the Rana Plaza building came crashing down, killing 1,138 people and leaving thousands more injured.
More Cash in More Party Pots? Senate Language Could Help Parties ó and the Very Rich
Yes, the 2002 McCain-Feingold law took away their unlimited soft money donations. And true, Citizens United and other court decisions left them feeling like 98-pound-weaklings as mighty super PACs and other outside groups sprung up around them and dominated the airwaves.
Ecuador indigenous leader found dead days before planned Lima protest
The body of an indigenous leader who was opposed to a major mining project in Ecuador has been found bound and buried, days before he planned to take his campaign to climate talks in Lima. The killing highlights the violence and harassment facing environmental activists in Ecuador, following the confiscation earlier this week of a bus carrying climate campaigners who planned to denounce president Rafael Correa at the United Nations conference.
99Rise: How do we win?
Strategic Objective: The strategic objective of 99Rise - our ultimate concrete goal - is to reclaim democracy from the rule of Big Money by winning an amendment to the United States Constitution which guarantees fundamental political equality and ends the corrupting influence of money-in-politics for good.
Dole: demand that Natural Food Ltd and the president of the Thai Pineapple Industry Association drop the charges against human rights advocate Andy Hall."
Eight years in prison and a $10 million fine. Thatís what Andy Hall is facing right now -- just for exposing multiple human and labour rights violations including child labour, passport confiscation, forced work, violence and abuse in a Thai pineapple factory.

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