Business Ethics Network
BEN is the professional association where organizations can share experiences, find collaborative partners, sharpen campaign skills, discuss emerging issues, and celebrate their victories with the Benny Awards.
Tar Sands Campaign
This is a multi-million dollar, multi-year effort aimed at stopping the expansion of what has been labeled “the most destructive energy project on earth.” CEI staff work closely with nearly 100 different organizations in Canada, Europe and the US. We supervise dozens of contract individuals and organizations who support the campaign. We coordinate strategy, specific sub-campaigns, like Re-Think Alberta or No Keystone XL Pipeline, and a large portion of the fundraising and grants to network members of the campaign. Tar Sands are the poster child for why the US needs to end its addiction to oil, and this campaign is the foundation for the movement that will ultimately achieve that goal.
Big Box Campaign
Big Box Collaborative aimed at transforming this industry primarily through a collaborative focus on Walmart that brought together environmental, labor, health, community, and international human rights organizations. CEI wrote the white paper that was used to generate foundation support for dozens of organizations that banned together to take on the challenge of transforming Walmart. The result was remarkable. With the consultative guidance of large environmental organizations, and the threat of this campaign, Walmart made and followed up on commitments that rank among the most aggressive of any publicly traded corporation. We continue to generate pressure on specific issues and to track the company’s progress.
Strategic Corporate Initiative
Strategic Corporate Initiative (SCI) project was started in 2005 through funding from the Nathan Cummings Foundation. The project brought together leading activists and thinkers to produce a blue print of priority long-term campaigns to bring corporations back under citizen control. The project has helped to spawn a number of individual projects that address the larger issue of corporate power such as the Rate the Raters Project, which attempts to correct the failings of industry-controlled financial ratings companies that helped create the financial meltdown of 2008.


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