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Third Place: Kleercut Campaign

Lead Group(s):


Support Group(s):  

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)



Italy Action

Description of the Problem the Campaign is seeking to address (50 word max):

Kimberly-Clark, the world's largest tissue manufacturer, is driving the destruction of ancient forests including the North American Boreal Forest.  The Boreal is a pristine forest region critical for climate stabilization, half of North Americas bird species, the worlds largest caribou herds and 80% of Canada's First Nations.

Brief Description of the Achievement(s) (30 word max):

Convinced high-profile businesses and universities to stop buying Kimberly-Clark products.  Over 700 businesses committed to boycotting products.  Introduced shareholder resolutions at Kimberly-Clark's annual general meetings.  Spoofed a Kimberly-Clark's ad campaign.

Description of how this is an important step toward the Campaign's goals, and if applicable, how it shows innovation (150 word max):

In a sign that the Kleercut Campaign is working, Kimberly-Clark released a green-washed fiber policy this spring.  While it is completely substandard, it provides a useful starting place for potential future negotiations.  Until those talks begin, the diverse, innovative tactics of the Kleercut campaign will continue to increase pressure on the company.  Our work with shareholders resulted in votes representing more than $2 billion of Kimberly-Clark stock being cast in favor of a resolution promoting sustainable fiber use.  The more than 700 businesses who have pledged not to buy Kimberly-Clark products are netting press coverage and influencing consumers and other businesses.  Our work with colleges and universities expanded to high-profile institutions such as Harvard, American and Rice Universities.  Our creative spoofing of a flagship Kimberly-Clark advertisement spawned a buzz on blogs and new media outlets such as YouTube that reach more Kimberly-Clark customers everywhere!