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Raw Deal Campaign

Lead Group(s):

Environmental Investigation Agency

Support Group(s):  

Humane Society of the United States, Humane Society International, International Fund for Animal Welfare


In this report, EIA details Kyokuyo Co., Ltd.’s
decades-long involvement in hunting
whales and its recent links to U.S.-based
True World Foods.
© Environmental Investigation Agency

Description of the Problem the Campaign is seeking to address (50 word max):

The existence of a commercial market in Japan for whale meat is used by the government of Japan as its sole political justification for its continued authorization of the annual  mass hunting and killing of whales. This campaign seeks to substantially reduce that market to disrupt this devastating trade.

Description of the Victory (30 word max):

This campaign pressured Kyokuyo, Japans largest-remaining whale meat producer, to cease its whale meat production and trade  resulting in an actual policy change by Kyokuyo to that effect.

A Brief Description of the long-term impact of the victory (150 word max):

With Kyokuyo Co., Ltd.s policy change of complete disinvolvement in the whale meat trade, Japans whaling industry has lost its largest-remaining whale meat producer. Prior to this policy change, Kyokuyo produced at least 10 million cans of whale meat annually, as well as fresh whale meat products. With this victory, EIAs corporate campaigns have now removed over 2,500 stores, as well as Japans three largest former whaling companies and biggest commercial manufacturers and distributors of whale meat from all involvement in the whaling industry. This success and the associated large stockpiles of unsold whale meat in Japan are undercutting the government of Japans sole political justification for continued whaling -- namely, that the Japanese people wish to eat whale meat. Thus, the substantial reduction of Japans commercial market for cetacean products is vital for the long-term future of the great whales and other cetacean species targeted for mass hunting.